A Very Slow Takeoff...

Oh, 2020 started already?

Hey folks, sorry for the tardy start to 2020, a year in which I have far too much on my plate, and have had too much random zemblanity coming at me in the Life 🤬😖😬 Happens department.

Which means the projects where I have the murkiest intentions/commitments to myself, like this one, are getting the most derailed. I last sent out a newsletter/podcast on Dec 6, so it’s been like 7 weeks. I’m still not yet ready to get going with this year’s breaking smart (breaking slow?), and this is mostly just a quick Hello-2020 newsletter.

For the next few months, I’m going to slow this thing down to once a month, while I rebalance activities and commitments. For this week, no original content, but here’s some stuff from other channels you guys may like.

I’ll be back with new stuff hopefully in a few weeks, around February end. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and brainstormed how to evolve this thing, and I need to do that too, since this thing has admittedly mission-creeped and drifted quite a bit over the years, not to mention gone into deep denial about Season 2, which has supposedly been in the works since 2015 and is now over 3 years late. It’s like a military contract project at this point. I know many of you would like to know if/when it’s ever coming out. I would too 🤡🥁.

But we’ll get this show back on the road properly at some point.