Econtalk and Zion 2.0 Podcasts

Two guest appearances

Still getting into a rhythm here in the podcasting world, so I didn’t have an episode for the last two weeks. I don’t have one this week either, but I do have two guest appearances on other people’s podcasts to share, which amount to a couple of hours worth of me talking.

First, I went on Russ Roberts’ Econtalk podcast to talk about Waldenponding, which I’ve written about on this newsletter several times now (the links are on the podcast page, along with several other links you might want to explore).


Second, I went on Collin Morris’ Zion 2.0 podcast, which was a much more free-form conversation around themes I write about both here and on ribbonfarm.

ZION 2.0 with Collin Morris

It’s an interesting exercise for me to contrast my “home” monologue podcast style with the style I end up adopting in conversation with specific people.

We’ll be back to regular programming with my short-format monologues next week.