Good Afternoon Internet, I'm Listening

Good afternoon Internet, I'm listening

I'm off to a sluggish start in 2019, emerging bleary-eyed and staggering a little from 2018. Anyhow, since we haven't done an interactive thing in quite a while... let's do one.

Ask Me Anything (AMA): opinions on stuff, advice on a situation, not-too-personal questions about myself.

You can also choose to Tell Me Something (TMS): brag or bitch about something, shill something you're doing/launching, share a fun link everybody needs to see, etc etc.

To play, simply reply to this email.

I will respond individually to everything that's under 50 words and gets to me by 1 PM US Pacific Time tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 12), and nothing that violates either of those criteria. Limit 1 per customer. Cash value of offer $0.02.

I will also feature a selection in a future newsletter. So obviously, only ask/share things you're comfortable being made public. Pseudonymize details as appropriate, and indicate if you want to be anonymous if I choose to feature your thing for the whole list.

So Good Afternoon, Internet, I'm listening.

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