Welcome to Ribbonfarm Studio

The newsletter has been rebooted under a new name

The changes I outlined in the last newsletter (Upcoming Changes, June 9) have now been executed. This newsletter is now officially the Ribbonfarm Studio newsletter. If you missed the last issue and are confused, the tldr is: this is what used to be the Breaking Smart newsletter.

This is just a housekeeping newsletter issue to the whole list, to flag the logistical changes and make sure email delivery is working properly after the changeover. A regular subscribers-only issue with real content should also go out later today.

The new home of the newsletter is at studio.ribbonfarm.com, a subdomain of my main ribbonfarm.com blog site. All twitter updates will now come from the @ribbonfarm account, and the @breaking_smart account will be retired. Due to some pretty clean engineering by Substack, all the old breakingsmart.substack.com links seem to be automatically redirecting appropriately. You may need to sign in again to re-establish cookies or something. Let me know if you have any issues.

Here’s a convenient graphic representing the relationship I envision going forward.

I have also turned off the podcast feature, but old podcast episodes should still work fine. I just won’t be doing new ones.

Each studio project now has a home page within the Substack site, and links to the indexes can be found in the right sidebar of the Substack homepage:

The Breaking Smart brand and the breakingsmart.com site are now restricted to the original set of essays about software eating the world, and older newsletter issues from 2015-19 which mainly built on that original theme. I’ll likely be doing some more clean-up to untangle commingled content.

As I explained in the last issue, this is both a name change and a bit of an editorial pivot. I hope you’ll enjoy the changes.

Subscribers — you can expect a proper issue later today.