This is Ribbonfarm Studio, a weekly newsletter associated with the Ribbonfarm blog.

This newsletter is where I develop my longer, more complex projects. The newsletter features a mix of one-off pieces and serialized content from the larger projects. Currently, I am developing three such larger projects:

  1. The Great Weirding, an essay collection about the global transformation that occurred 2016-20

  2. The Clockless Clock, a book about the changing nature of time in the digital era

  3. After Westphalia, a set of essays about the shape of the post-nation-state world.

Currently, I publish one article a week, with a free issue every 3-4 weeks. You can subscribe at $5/mo or $50/year to access all the paywalled content.

I take 1-2 breaks per year, during which billing is paused. For paying subscribers, the next bill date is pushed out appropriately (it’s unpaid vacations from this newsletter basically).

You can also find my writings on other topics (and lots of other writers) on ribbonfarm, and my shitposting on twitter at @vgr. Stalkery types can find out more about my shady past on my main biography site,

Welcome aboard!

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Ribbonfarm Studio: Serialized projects from the Ribbonfarm blog


I’ve been writing the ribbonfarm blog since 2007, and the ribbonfarm studio newsletter since 2019.