I second that - thank you for the introduction to Komoroske. That (yes, a-bit-long-but-worth-it) deck just very clearly articulated the reasons why I and everyone else at my job (healthcare supply chain consulting, dealing with complex inter-departmental bureaucracies, many, many stakeholders, etc...) feel like at the end of the day we've often swatted a thousand flies but haven't shot a single deer.

With nothing to lose, I can at least share this with my boss in hopes of achieving one of more of the following: ditching countless monday.com boards, ditching per account & per project salesforce updates, ditching our task-based time tracker app, ditching pointless timeline spreadsheets that defunct within the second hour of their existence, and maybe... finding some incremental solutions to the actual problems.

To bring it back to a persistent theme in these parts, you might say that the seemingly intuitive drive to fight uncertainty with legibility ends up snarling the whole thing by doubling, quadrupling down on the conjunctive fallacy...

(Lastly, I feel the comment re: the naivete of claims to the effect of that introducing sexy new tech / "bitcoin will solve this" was VERY spot-on as well.)

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Holy crap. HOLY CRAP! You were right about the twee emojis...but the brilliance wasn't hard to find. Thanks for raising this up my salience hierarchy! Strange how the words I needed to explain the jam I'm facing and being asked to pick up fixing are suddenly all in front of me. Fixing it will be a whole other mix, but this is prescient. Thanks, Venkatesh!

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