Makes me think of Ann Pendleton going beyond "muddling through", that is is possible to design for emergence. In other words, it feels like the lore hockey player skates where he/she WANTS the puck to be > what are the conditions required to make that happen feels like crafting light lore, right?

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I think one of the things that is missing for me here is the concept of a school, as in the way it is defined by Carol Sanford.

I've been thinking about writing something about "Tribes vs. Schools." When I say tribe, I'm referred to the culturally-appropriated term as it is used in Silicon Valley circles, or social entrepreneurship circles.

Both tribes and schools have lore. But schools have a good bit that tribes don't. Schools include an epistemology, a cosmology, an ontology, and technology. Tribes also have all of these things, but I wouldn't say they have the same coherence in carrying on an aim in the form of a lineage.

Tribes can operate at all three of these levels. Schools can also operate at all of these levels, but generally I'd say their energy is up at the epistemological and ontological levels, when what you're describing here seems to focus more on cosmology and technology. Coming from a schools paradigm, I think there's a level of framework not yet articulated that goes beyond "Light Lore."

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Recommended background media for this post:

- "Winning the Story Wars" by Jonah Sachs (2012)

- "Hypernormalisation" by Adam Curtis (2016)

- "This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory" by Kirby Ferguson (2020)

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