Summer Break

Ribbonfarm Studio will be taking a break through August

I am taking a summer break from this newsletter through August, starting today.1 Regular programming will resume in the first week of September.

For paying subscribers, billing will be paused until I hit the resume button. Your next bill date will be pushed out appropriately. If you have 12 days left on a monthly subscription right now, you’ll still have 12 days left when I resume. If you have 289 days left on an annual subscription, you’ll still have 289 days.

You’ll still have access to the archives as usual of course, so you can catch up on stuff you might have missed.

Going forward, I will likely be taking a couple of such breaks per year, with billing paused. It’s partly a function of varying load on other fronts, and partly a somewhat predictable seasonal personal energy pattern thing. The rough plan is to take a few weeks off in August and February, and tweak it as necessary for load balancing, for as long as I continue writing this newsletter.

Have a great rest of your summer, and see you in September!


No, I’m neither European, nor a VC. But I do have a history of ranting about how much August sucks. 🤣