The Inner Game of Exploding Minds

We're in mind-exploding times. Practically every week, there's some new development that makes your mind go boom as you attempt to wrap it around the implications. We still don't quite know what to think about Pokemon Go when we learn about Snapchat Spectacles. Digital technologies, say the wise morons, allow us to balance work and life in new, more flexible ways. That's like saying airplanes allow us new ways to ride horses. When you work from home using a remote work arrangement, or go free-agent and worry about how to get a tax deduction for your home office, you're merely taking the first step down a path that, if you let it, will put your entire life in a blender. It will get chopped up and remade in forms that could not even be contemplated before. In 2016 with its AR spectacles and voice interfaces and drones, 2007 op-eds talking about how "mobile" changes the work/life balance seem cute and innocent.

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